Note: The Unreal Scarlet's Well

Between May 2004 and May 2005 Bid played several gigs with various musicians, performing both Scarlet's Well and Monochrome Set songs. These bands were known as "The Unreal Scarlet's Well", and some of these performances were released in "Unreal" and "UnreallII" (see Albums section).

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* The Unreal Scarlet's Well      
Date Venue City Country Info
* 07/05/04 Bernie's Distillery Columbus, OH USA Photos
* 08/05/04 Mickey Finns Toledo, OH USA Photos
* 12/05/04 Subterranean Chicago, IL USA Photos
26/05/04 The Spitz London UK Photos
* 25/06/04 Zen Sushi Los Angeles , CA USA Photos
* 26/06/04 Liquid Den Huntington Beach, CA USA Photos
07/07/04 The Water Rats London UK Photos
26/07/04 The Quad (LSE) London UK Photos
* 31/07/04 Mitt Sista Liv festival Ljungnäs, near Kalmar Sweden Photos
* 02/08/04 Debaser Stockholm Sweden Photos
16/10/04 The Open House Brighton UK Photos
06/11/04 Union Chapel Studio Theatre London UK Photos
11/11/04 Prager Fruehling Munich Germany Photos
13/11/04 Kule/im Licht Berlin Germany Photos
14/11/04 Salon des Amateurs Dusseldof Germany Photos
15/11/04 Golden Pudel Klub Hamburg Germany Photos


* The Unreal Scarlet's Well      
Date Venue City Country Info
14/04/05 Sussex Arts Club Brighton UK Photos
* 07/05/05 The Front Page, Cathedral Quarter Arts Restival Belfast UK Photos
* 30/06/05 Knitting Factory New York USA Photos
16/07/05 The Water Rats London UK Photos
12/08/05 Felicia Pop Festival ("Felipop") Limodre Spain Photos
05/10/05 The Holylands Centre, Holylands Arts Festival Belfast UK Photos


Date Venue City Country Info
14/06/06 The Luminaire London UK Photos
13/07/06 The Windmill London UK Photos
29/07/06 The Hope Brighton UK Photos
14/09/06 Cabaret Club@Sidecar Barcelona Spain Photos
15/09/06 Moby Dick Club Madrid Spain Photos
16/09/06 Lemon Pop Festival Murcia Spain Photos
22/11/06 100 Club London UK Photos
13/12/06 Club Schocken Stuttgart Germany Photos
14/12/06 Salon Des Amatuers Dusseldorf Germany Photos
15/12/06 NBI Berlin Germany Photos


Date Venue City Country Info
03/05/07 Klubb Republic Norrköping Sweden Photos
05/05/07 Cityside and Countryside & Les Yper Sound @ Kerttu Turku Finland Photos
12/05/07 Private function   UK  
16/08/07 Pop Revo festival Aarhus Denmark Photos
27/09/07 Paper, Scissors, Glue @ TV21 Manchester UK Photos
14/10/07 David Shrigley/Worried Noodles concert @ Scala London UK Photos
16/10/07 Don’t Die On My Doorstep @ Inkonst Malmö Sweden Photos
03/11/07 David Shrigley/Worried Noodles concert @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin Germany Photos
16/11/07 Officina 49 Cesena Italy Photos
17/11/07 Edera Codroipo Italy Photos
18/11/07 Locomotiv Club Bologna Italy Photos
20/11/07 Tago Mago Massa Italy Photos


Date Venue City Country Info
09/05/08 Half Moon (Herne Hill) London UK Photos
15/05/08 Swiss Concrete @ Exeter Hall Oxford UK Photos
26/05/08 Primavera Sound, Sala Apolo Barcelona Spain Photos
10/10/08 My Autumn Almanac @ The Apple Tree London UK Photos
29/10/08 Cosy Den @ Landet Stockholm Sweden Photos
31/10/08 Les Yper Sound! @ Dynamo Turku Finland Photos
01/11/08 On Our Honeymoon @ Stars'n'Bars Gothenburg Sweden Photos
15/11/08 Bull & Gate London UK Photos
19/11/08 Club Schocken Stuttgart Germany


20/11/08 amSTARt @ Bang Bang Club Berlin Germany Photos
21/11/08 Kim Bar Berlin Germany Photos
22/11/08 Astra-Stube Hamburg Germany Photos


Date Venue City Country Info
17/01/09 The Parliament Club @ Inn on the Green London UK Photos
07/03/09 Small Music Theatre Athens Greece Photos
17/04/09 Prinzenbar Hamburg Germany Photos
18/04/09 Ost-Pol Dresden Germany Photos
01/06/09 Le Baron Paris France Photos
02/06/09 L'International Paris France Photos
21/11/09 Club Platypus @ Oden Teatern Stockholm Sweden Photos


Date Venue City Country Info
20/03/10 The Parliament Club @ Inn on the Green London UK Photos
22/04/10 Bristol Bands @ The Fleece Bristol UK Photos
13/05/10 Bull & Gate London UK Photos