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History : 2010

The Monochrome Set reformed in April 2010, with Bid, Lester Square, Andy Warren, and Jennifer Denitto (drums, also of Scarlet's Well).A short tour of Japan was booked for October. There was no decision how to proceed beyond that, as Bid's other band, Scarlet's Well, had recently released an album and had dates already booked for that autumn.

Rehearsals went well, but at the end of July, Bid suffered an SAH, and as a result all the gigs booked for both bands had to be cancelled. Remarkably, Bid emerged relatively unscathed, but decided to fold Scarlets Well, as he was not able to continue with two bands.

Bid's experience with his SAH and recovery went onto inspire The Monochrome Set's 2012 album, "Platinum Coils".

With all energy now directed into The Monochrome Set, gigs were booked for 2011, and a keyboardist, John Paul Moran, added.