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History : 1993-1998

Lester, Orson, Andy, Trevor
Bid (foreground)
[Extract from Mimodosmil]
- The rise and fall of The Monochrome Set?

Bid: "We have a large prune-coloured balloon, which is lifted by the hot breath of a Crested Grebe, fed on chilli and vinegar. This is powered laterally by a team of sewer rats pedalling a multi-seated cycle, the chains of which connect ingeniously to a propellor shaft, which in turn drives a large marine propellor at speeds of up to 50 knots. Downward motion is achieved by feeding the Grebe mints. Thus, rise and fall is accomplished."
- Share with us a dream that still hasn't come true.
Bid: "I was on a large ship which was sailing up the Suez Canal, and a loud voice kept repeating 'This is the ghost of President Kennedy'. Perhaps your magazine could arrange this for me."
- What would you be if you weren't a musician?
Bid: "I'm not sure. I would have probably gone to art school to do sculpture, but I don't know what afterwards. I may have made commercially unsuccessful but very influential pots."
In Thessaloniki, we happen upon a delightful little shop, selling costumes, balloons, and other party paraphernalia. Orson finds some fake beards, with glasses attached, apparently to affect a comic imitation of a short-sighted Greek Orthodox priest. As we leave the shop, we pass by two youthful Greek Orthodox priests on their way in, who proceed to peruse the goods.
Orson realises it's highly likely that in purchasing the furry item, he has just entered a religious order, and, thus inspired, declares himself "Father Skoupastoma", and starts to ululate alamingly, at which point we hastily bundle him off to a charming outdoor cafe. When we order our coffee, he protests loudly, and orders a triple ouzo from the bemused waiter.
"Ah, a priest," the waiter says slyly.
"Bless you, sonny," Orson replies, voice trembling with holiness.

Nick The Greek (promoter, film director), Bid, Lester, Andy, Orson (with beard), Trevor