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History : 1985

Early/mid 1985:
[Carrie Booth played on most concerts and two live TV appearances]

Foz, Nick, Andy
Bid (foreground)
"I'm Nick." Nick Wesolowski, drummer, and a very nice man. He is an ex-NME photographer, and that night I see him naked.
"This is Foz." James Foster has just had a haircut which leaves him with very little hair in a sort of triangle shape. Before this he had a sideways Mohican, and fans started turning up to gigs with similarly absurd plumage.
Now it's Bid, erect, dignified, and in many ways slightly detached.
Andy Warren is a hard bastard who was once in a band with Adam Ant. He grimaces constantly.

"Do you like The Monochrome Set?"
- Yes, with reservations.
"Have you ever seen us live before?"
- No.
"Why not?"
Bid has a low voice, somewhere between arch camp and posh.
"Of course, it's all got quite a lot to do with sex."
- Enlarge?
"Exactly! It's what it's all about, really."
Foz, fondling his pendant: "People found 'frog frog, grip grip' on the song The Mating Game disgusting although there were no established dirty words there."
Bid: "Frog? Grip?"
Knock, knock.
Nick (entering): "Look...let's go! We were on stage ten minutes ago!"
Foz: "Were we good?"
Andy (from the hall): "You were shit!"

Foz, Bid, Andy

On the way back, The Monochromies swing and clap along to "I Did What I Did For Maria". Their own (colourful) set exudes contrast and fleeting brilliance. The fans go fairly loopy. I'm impressed.
The van again. Two locals give directions and ask the name of the band.
"The Chromosome Seven."
We move on.
Andy: "Are you a homosexual?"
- No. Why, are you?

I survived. Only later did certain parties start discussing "the ache males get in between the anus and the back of the scrotum" and its implications.
Which one really is gay? Will Bid have a witches' wedding ceremony in a forest? Why did Nick shower in front of us all? Would Andy like to beat the crap out of me? Why did Bid stop playing football for Cherry Red after seeing a certain writer's body in the changing rooms?