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History : 1979

Bid, Jeremy, Lester, John
In early 1979, Tony Potts "joined" the band as film maker/projectionist. He is not listed here as a band member, though he became an integral part of the live shows, made several band films/videos, and was a great friend. When the band reformed in 1990, he did one concert with them (as set designer and film projectionist) on 16th August, at the Central TV Studios in Nottingham (the "Rock Legends" series). He was a film director/producer in his own right, and continues to be so.

- People say you look like Lou Reed. What do you say?
Jeremy: "I'm very sorry."
Bid: "No, he doesn't look like Lou Reed. Well, his trousers do."
Jeremy: "My trousers look like Lou Reed?"
Tony: "They've got his face!"
Bid: "You can talk. Your eyebrows look like Davy Jones."
Jeremy: "Yeah, you'll have to be careful about that."
- So why do you wear Lou Reed's trousers?
Jeremy: "I don't, you know."

Jeremy, Bid, John

Bid, John
...at the Notre Dame Hall, they were showing a film of some person cutting up onions, I recall being mesmerised by it, and then suddenly thinking "how can I concentrate on onions when they are playing Eine Symphonie Des Grauens."

- Why particularly did you decide to use films?

Lester: "Well, ultimately, I don't see why, when people go out to a gig, it has to end with just looking at a band. You know, why not use smell and taste?"
Tony: "At the Co-Op you did get quite a few people just come to smell the films."
One of the venues where they played in Chinatown [New York] was the scene of a Tong massacre...gang war broke out and the venue was the scene of a bloody attack. Several patrons literally lost their heads.
"I only asked for a Number 37," says John.

Bid, Jeremy, Tony, John, Lester
End 1979:
Bid (guitar, vocals)
Lester Square (guitar, vocals)
Andy Warren (bass, vocals) [ex-The Ants]
John Haney (drums)