Year Title Type Record Company Catalogue #
1979 He's Frank/Alphaville Single Rough Trade RT006
1979 Eine Symphonie Des Grauens/Lester Leaps In Single Rough Trade RT019
1979 The Monochrome Set/Mr.Bizarro Single Rough Trade RT028
1979 He's Frank (Slight Return)/Silicon Carne/Fallout Single Rough Trade BL1
1980 The Strange Boutique/Surfin SW12 Single Dindisc DIN18
1980 Strange Boutique Album Dindisc DID 4
1980 405 Lines/Goodbye Joe Single Dindisc DIN23
1980 Apocalypso/Fiasco Bongo Single Dindisc DIN26
1980 Love Zombies Album Dindisc DID 8
1981 10 Don'ts For Honeymooners/Straits Of Malacca Single Charisma PRE18
1982 The Mating Game/J.D.H.A.N.E.Y. Single Cherry Red CHERRY 42
1982 Eligible Bachelors Album Cherry Red BRED34
1982 Cast A Long Shadow/The Bridge Single Cherry Red CHERRY 51
1983 The Jet Set Junta/Love Goes Down The Drain/
Noise (Eine Kleine Symphonie)
Single Cherry Red CHERRY 60
1983 Volume, Contrast, Brilliance Vol.1
[re-released twice, with track additions]
Compilation Cherry Red MRED47
1984 The Plug/The Gulp
[Lester Square solo, appears on compilations as TMS]
Solo single Thin Sliced TSR 4
1985 Jacob's Ladder/Andiamo - [and on 12",+ Le Boom Boom/Yo Ho Ho/Starry Nowhere] Single WEA NEG4-T 249268
1985 The Lost Weekend Album WEA BYN 5 240682-1
1985 Wallflower/Big Ben Bongo - [and on 12",+ Take Foz/Wallflower
(Saloon Bar Mix)/Wallflower (Public Bar Mix)]
Single WEA NEG12-T 249055
1986 Fin
[later re-released as The Good Life]
Live Album El(Cherry Red) ACME 3
1986 Reach For Your Gun/Sweet Chariots - [and on 12", + Love]
[Bid solo, appears on compilations as TMS]
Solo single El(Cherry Red) GPO 10
1987 Whoops! What A Palaver/Invocation Of Thoth/Razboynika/Man Eater Of Surrey Green
[Bid solo, appears on compilations as TMS]
Solo single El(Cherry Red) GPO 26
1988 Westminster Affair Compilation Cherry Red ACME 17
1990 Dante's Casino Album Vinyl Japan,
later Cherry Red
1991 Killing Dave/House Of God (live)/Sweet Death Single Honeymoon JAKK 1C
1991 Jack Album Honeymoon,
later Cherry Red
1991 What A Whopper Compilation Cherry Red MONDE 2
1993 Forever Young/Hurting You/Little Noises Single Cherry Red CD CHERRY 126
1993 Charade Album Cherry Red BRED102
1994 Misere Album Cherry Red BRED 114
1995 Black & White Minstrels Compilation Cherry Red CDMRED 118
1995 I LoveLambeth/Kissy Kissy/All Over/Closing Time Single Cherry Red CD CHERRY 138
1995 Trinity Road Album Cherry Red BRED 122
1996 Compendium
[later re-released as The Best Of The Monochrome Set]
Compilation Cherry Red CD BRED 128
1997 Chaps Compilation
2 CDs
Snapper SMDCD 134
2012 Platinum Coils Album Disquo Bleu DB01CD
2013 Super Plastic City Album Disquo Bleu DB02CD
2015 Spaces Everywhere Album Tapete TR 303
2016 Volume, Contrast, Brilliance Vol.2 Compilation Tapete TR 332
2016 Cosmonaut Album Tapete TR 339
2018 1979–1985: Complete Recordings Box Set, 6 albums Tapete TR 393
2018 Maisieworld Album Tapete 401